Team UAE ADQ x MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS

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Team UAE ADQ x MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS
Limited Edition 2023 Season.

The MET Trenta 3K Carbon Mips® is a high-performance road helmet designed and destined for the most prolific and celebrated cyclists. It has been worn to Tour de France victory twice, seen multiple Grand Tour stage, Monument and one-day wins, and led races on all terrains from the imposing Hajar Mountains to Italy’s white roads, Flandrian cobbles all the way to Pyrenean summits. Engineered to keep your head – and hair – fresh and save precious energy, the MET Trenta 3K Carbon Mips®, with the Mips AIR® rotational management system, is the most advanced road helmet we’ve ever made.

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