HJC Furion 2.0 - Redbull Racing Limited Edition

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HJC and Oracle Red Bull Racing team have released the FURION 2.0 Red Bull racing helmet with a design that can vividly feel Formula 1. They teamed up with Oracle Red Bull Racing Team to bring the fun and style of Formula 1 racing to the FURION 2.0 Red Bull Racing road helmet.

The Furion 2.0 is considered an uncompromising design masterpiece as it combines remarkable aerodynamics and efficient ventilation.

Thanks to HJC’s experience in MotoGP racing helmet conception, the FURION‘s aerodynamic, innovative, and simple design increases its performance and airflow for optimal air penetration and improved air cooling capabilities.

The Furion 2.0 has integrated Venturi Dynamics to balance the air resistant force with an advanced exhaust ventilation system. Thanks to its aerodynamic shape and its extra-light weight (about 195g), this helmet will allow you to save 7% energy during your ride compared with the competition. It is also equipped with more classic features such as: adjustable occipital cradle, goggle mount, strap splitters and antibacterial X-Static pads.

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