EdWonder X KPLUS | Wonderfool Helmet ALPHA [LIMITED EDITION]

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Wonderfool Infinite Cycling Collection

Featuring the lightest and most advanced rotational management system. Unlike traditional Mips cages, Mips AIR® is integrated into the inner padding of the Alpha helmet to provide 10-15mm of relative movement between the energy absorbing layer and the padding.

The new generation “K2” head fit system is ergonomically inspired and features an adjustable full head wrap system that maximizes fit and customization with the twist of a dial for convenient quick fit adjustments. Carefully designed for comfort, style, and performance, creating a custom-fitting helmet for any head shape.

EdWonder x KPLUS Alpha helmet Features AG+ antibacterial webbing system with Ionic silver provides broad spectrum antimicrobial protection. It effectively eliminates bacteria and odors remaining after exercise.

The Fidlock® magnetic buckle makes it easier and faster to fasten the helmet. The feature can be easily done with one hand in a more convenient way.

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