Another year of fundraising with HIRO4HOPE in 2020. Due to the pandemic, things were done slightly differently with riders riding in their own respective home countries across several days.

What is HIRO4HOPE and the HOPE Foundation About?
HIRO was formed in 2014, with the goal of developing a sustainable funding vehicle that could drive a reliable revenue stream for the HOPE Foundation, a direct action NGO in Cambodia based around community care and child welfare. HOPE is a community-based not for profit organisation. (https://hiro4hope.com/why-we-do-it/)

The Hiro’s sponsor the Early Learning Childcare and Education Program. Currently 85 children between 3 and 5 years old attend the HOPE preschool and are taught social skills, art, Khmer, English and basic mathematics. The children each receive a nutritious breakfast to make sure that they are properly nourished each day. These children are from poor families in the local community assessed by the social welfare and education team. The program has been assessed twice by the Sangker District Education Office and has been highly rated. As well as educating children this program allows parents time to work to earn money.
Any remaining money is used to support babies in the Joint Mother to Baby program operated in conjunction with the Home Based Care Team of the Battambang Provincial Hospital, HOPE supplies baby formula and equipment and tuition in its safe use to HIV+ mothers who are unable to safely breastfeed their babies. Currently there are 38 mothers, and their babies in this program and in 2019 it is planned to add a further 20 mothers to the program. To date over 200 mothers have been through this 2 year program and all babies have finished the program HIV free.’

How you can help
The ride is over but donations are still accepted on the Hiro4Hope Website https://hiro4hope.com/

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