We are so excited to be working with HIRO4HOPE on this year's annual ride across Cambodia, in support for the Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE).
What is HIRO4HOPE and the HOPE Foundation About?
HIRO was formed in 2014, with the goal of developing a sustainable funding vehicle that could drive a reliable revenue stream for the HOPE Foundation, a direct action NGO in Cambodia based around community care and child welfare. HOPE is a community-based not for profit organisation that supports impoverished children to help them break down the barriers to realize their dreams for a better life. Other than Cambodian staff, HOPE is run entirely by volunteers (https://hiro4hope.com/why-we-do-it/)
With the direct funds from the HIRO4HOPE ride, HOPE have opened a preschool which is entirely funded by the ride. The Little HIRO's Preschool is the only free preschool in the Battambang Province. It delivers a certified Early Learning program, provides vital nutrition, as well as school clothes and learning materials. The little ones show up each day with big smiles, resplendent in their crisp white school shirts that they are so proud of.  The children are being given a genuine chance for a different future as a direct result of the HIRO4HOPE team. Through education, the poverty cycle that still grips their beautiful country is being broken.
How you can help
If you'd like to join the ride (From 28 September to 2 October 2019), it is open to all, just click on www.hiro4hope.com and register. If riding is not for you, you can show your support by sponsoring a rider, dropping a few dollars in recognition of their efforts. In doing so, HOPE can ensure that the fantastic program running for these kids can be continued. A few dollars a day is all it costs to keep a Little Hiro fed, clothed and schooled at The Little Hiro’s preschool.
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